Exposing the Sadism of Petra Laszlo

Warning – Explicit Language Below

I usually don’t like to attack people personally, but the Hungarian Sadist, also known as Petra Laszlo, deserves as much infamy as she could possibly get. This piece of shit belongs to a white supremacist organization called the Jobbik Party and their despicable outlet N1TV, and she was filmed kicking children and the elderly near the Hungarian border of Roszke, near Serbia. Thankfully, she was fired from her job (only because it was made public may I add). This is not enough. Petra Laszlo must be tried in court and sent to prison.

Here is the video below:


Here is Petra Laszlo:


If Petra Laszlo didn’t have enablers, she would NOT have done this. Sadly, this seems to be a common theme nowadays, her pig-like features and hate-filled actions speak much, much louder than words ever can. Like a coward, she attempts to hide her face from the world, to no avail. People like her are the filth of humanity, sadistic and cruel and deserving of ridicule and backlash. People like Petra Laszlo assume that they OWN humanity; similarly to Hitler, and people like Petra Laszlo are responsible for crimes that have been committed throughout the history of their colonialism, their imperialism, and their systematic murder of people who don’t look, act, and speak like them.

Here is Petra Laszlo kicking a little girl:


This woman is a disgrace to humanity. Petra Laszlo deserves every piece of negative press she receives. She’ll probably be hired by another white supremacist organization fairly quickly, and that’s what makes it sad. However, it’s up to rational people who see that she is wrong to stand up and record her name in infamy. Thankfully, major news outlets are reporting her heinous crimes, and her face is now splashed across social media.

Petra Laszlo seems to have forgotten history, when Hungarians were once refugees who depended on the kindness of strangers to assist them during the war. Hopefully, one day she will suffer the same fate. Below is a picture of Hungarian refugees during the Hungarian refugee crisis.



Karma is a pretty big bitch Petra, and one day, be certain, it will bite you right back in the ass. This backlash you are experiencing? This is nothing compared to what will happen to you as you age. Perhaps you’ll be riddled with an inoperable disease, perhaps you will see your own loved ones being kicked around, perhaps people will find you and kick you too. In all cases, thank your God Hitler that I was not there, among them, a victim of your bigotry. Because be certain Petra Laszlo, that I would have made sure those legs of yours won’t function if you so much as touched me or the ones that I love.

I stand by my right to fight for what I believe is the truth. I make no apologies for my sentiments, and will fight to make sure people like you are exposed every single day.

You Petra Laszlo, will burn in the innermost depths of hell for eternity for kicking those who are defenseless. This is what the Nazis used to do to the Jews during the Second World War.

And if you don’t believe in God, you will get your due justice on earth – and the world will watch and gloat – especially me.


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5 Responses

  1. jumapili says:

    YOU are absolutely right. She really is a piece of work 🙁

  2. jey says:

    fucking bitch!!

  3. Jerry says:

    you are right. you are so right. attacking those who are defense-less is incomprehensible. only the worst of the worst would attack refugees. how can you kick a little girl, and attack a father carrying his son. the boy got hurt and was crying later. may she burn in hell always.

  4. This biatch should be exterminated.

  5. Fiona says:

    The most ugly face of humanity. CUNT.

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