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Azure Perspective didn’t start out as a lifestyle blog for women, it was originally an opinion-based, informative blog that could appeal to everyone and anyone. However, the website was not targeted towards a specific audience and that gave you as a reader, little value. I realized that my readers wanted and deserved more focus and consistency, and had diverse needs and several interests that were centered on lifestyle, business, and relationships – three things that are important to all of us in some way today. Since most of Azure Perspective’s readers are female, and as an advocate of women’s unique issues and rights, I wanted to establish a lifestyle blog for women where each visitor could benefit from the information she receives. This is why Azure perspective has evolved to include more than just opinion. Azure Perspective now has three major categories, weekly posts that are under the same theme, and product reviews that are unpaid and truthful. I hope you like the new changes!


The Lifestyle Category



The lifestyle category is going to a mix of informative articles that fittingly, fall into the women’s lifestyle category. This category will includes lists, tips, outfit picks of the week, Do-It-Yourself posts and opinion / guest posts by readers and by valued bloggers. As the focus of Azure Perspective is going to be mainly a lifestyle blog for women, the categories will be chosen based on their relevance to women’s lives as issues, and the goal is to post about a little bit of everything in order to cater to a more diverse audience of women that includes Women of Color.


The Relationship Category



A lifestyle blog for women wouldn’t be complete without discussing relationships – but not just what you expect. Azure Perspective will include a relationship category that is not limited to partnership and significant others. The new articles will explore topics relevant to mothers, siblings, girlfriends, wives, daughters, colleagues and friends. The posts are meant to help you enhance your communication skills which are necessary for every relationship, and identify problematic patterns in your attitude or that of loved ones. The information posted is always fact-checked and positive, is based on research and fits quite neatly into the women’s lifestyle blog niche. Make sure you check out our latest posts and comment on what is relevant to you!


The Business Category

Business woman office


Women are involved in the world of business more than ever before, and they now have access to so many opportunities which subsequently come with a glass ceiling that not many people like to acknowledge or talk about. Drawing from my own experience in Human Resources in addition to the latest news, statistics and studies, the business category in this lifestyle blog for women offers professional tips for ladies navigating today’s shark-eat-shark business world. Equality still doesn’t exist, so make sure you understand how your gender is affecting how others treat you and how you can overcome a workplace that doesn’t add value to you or your career. The business category will include tutorials on everything from building resumes to how the pitch of your voice and your hairstyle affects your professional life.

As always, I would absolutely love to hear from you, and what you think about the changes on the website. Let me know if you have topic ideas you would like me to cover or if there’s something you think can be improved!

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