Outfit Picks of the Week: Sweet and Sexy

Red Lips

Every week, I’m going to feature different outfit pairings that are hand-picked and chosen with love! I use Polyvore to assemble the styles, and I really love the options I have. The aim to cater to different tastes and body types, making sure that every woman is able to find something she loves and is inspired by. The best part? I don’t get paid to feature these outfits, so you can always be confident that all of these choices are targeted for you to enjoy, not for you to click! These outfit theme for this week is Sweet and Sexy, perfect for spring whether you live in a warmer country or a cooler one.

My Cherry Blossom Outfit

What’s spring without cherry blossoms? This outfit was inspired by the cherry blossoms of spring, with red angle that’s sure to turn heads – and melt hearts.

Cherry Blossom Dress

My Cherry Blossom

Daring Spring

This outfit screams spring, with its eye-catching colors and emphasis on blue hues. The blue offsets the violet and pink, emphasizing them instead of overpowering the floral colors.


Outfit for spring

Daring Spring

Forest Vixen

The Forest Vixen pays homage to the forests that burst with life in spring. The gold accessories mimic the sun’s rays filtering through the trees. The deep-green dress is at the center of this outfit, and the pairings were chosen based on a woodsy setting.


Forest green outfit

Forest Vixen

Le Coquette

A coquette is a fun and flirty woman. This is what this outfit was based on while I was assembling it. Le Coquette is one of my favorite styles in this post. I love the floral shirt with its barely-there pink, and the black  really highlight this outfit and is definitely something I would love to wear.


Le Coquette

 University Chic

This outfit is great for a day at school or at college. It’s comfy and crisp at the same time, and the colors are just so easy on the eyes and pair well together, this pick was a pretty smooth assembly. The bracelet is stunning, and the eye shadow mixed with some smokey grays will make any eye-color pop out.


Blue outfit for school

University Chic

Not-So-Little Red Riding Hood

Red is the highlight of this week, it’s such a bold color that instantly catches the eye. I really love red outfits with striped black and white pairings, and you have a great outfit inspiration using only three basic colors.

A red and striped outfit based on the little red riding hood

Red Riding Hood

Summer of Love

I wish I was born during the summer of love, it was such a wonderful time to be alive. Inspired by the style, this outfit combines chic with laid-back, a personal favorite of mine that I would definitely wear, and with a tan and beachy waves, you’ll look divine!


Summer of Love


How do you like my picks for the outfits of the week? You can send me your own ideas, and I’d love to feature your styles as well! If you would like to see what each item is, please visit my page on Polyvore, where each item has a listed price, brand, and where my sets are featured as well. Until next week… keep slaying!

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