Why Mexico Trumps Donald Trump


In this year’s circus of presidential candidacy, Americans have been introduced to a myriad of colorful characters hoping to achieve enough relevance to become the Leader of the Free World. One candidate specifically, Donald Trump, still hasn’t learned when and how to keep his mouth shut, especially in his recent comments about Mexico and the Mexican people. Making a list about everything stupid this man with an inflated sense of worth has said and done would take forever and a day, so what better way to disprove his claims than by highlighting the achievements and the many, many positive attributes not only about Mexico, but its phenomenal people?


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Myth #1: Trump Thinks Mexico Is A Poor Country

All countries have a percentage of poor citizens vying for a much better quality of life. Yes, there is poverty in Mexico and there are illegal immigrants to the United States. However, Trump fails to mention that Mexico has population of 122.3 million citizens and a GDP ranking of 13, higher than Spain, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia. Mexico is home to the world’s second wealthiest man, Carlos Slim Helu, and is the eighth-largest oil producer in the world.

Myth #2: Trump Thinks Mexicans Are Lazy And / Or Unaccomplished

Nope. Far from it. Aside from the Nobel Peace Prize winners Mario Jose Molina Henriquez, Octavio Pazo Lozano, and Alfonso Garcia Robles, there are a wealth of internationally-acclaimed artists such as but certainly not limited to Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Furthermore, the laziness part is probably the worst offense. Mexican immigrants have historically been chosen to perform the most tedious; most difficult of jobs that many Americans such as Donald Trump would never work in. According to a 2011 OECD report, Mexicans are the hardest-working individuals in the world. Given the large percentage of Hispanic voters in the nation, Trump has offended a very large, very intelligent group of citizens that has no qualms pushing back.


Myth # 3: Trump Thinks Mexico Is Not Safe

The cartel violence in Mexico is indeed troubling, but this violence is limited to particular areas in Mexico (just like any other country in the world). In fact, Mexico’s tourism numbers are booming. The cartel wars have already reached their peak in 2011 as reported by news outlets, and Mexico’s tourism industry is thriving. How good is it you may ask? In 2014, the number of foreign tourists who visited Mexico exceeded 14 million. Fourteen million is more than the population of the top ten least populated countries combined and multiplied by double. With its spectacular beaches and unbelievable rich heritage, Mexico is doing just fine with or without Trump’s “argument”.


Myth # 4: Trump Thinks Mexicans Are Unintelligent 

This one rubs me the wrong way, very much so – because ignorance is rampant throughout the world. El Chapo’s unbelievable escape that took one year and five million dollars to build is an attestment to the brilliance of the Mexican people (come on, you saw that tunnel). The opinion of the Mexican people and all people is extremely relevant, but perhaps the most brilliant idea that has come out of this whole Trump debacle attests to the spontaneity, intelligence, and sense of humor of the Mexican people:

The Donald Trump Butt Plug




As the presidential race looms closer, it is time for America to “pull the plug” on this ridiculous, fame-thirsty candidate and put some real men and women to the test for the title of president.

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